Melbourne! DRUNKCAST™! Sunday, April 21, 11pm

April 21, 2019

Melbourne! DRUNKCAST™! Sunday, April 21, 11pm (Live Dum Dum Show)


April 21, 2019 - April 21, 2019

11:00pm – 11:30pm

European Bier Cafe


The legendary DrunkCast™!
Unrecorded, fucked up, no good.
A cast of … dozens, I guess, join together to finish the festival off on a low night, by barging on stage and presenting a fucked show that we don’t even try to make coherent, and we can be as visual if we want. Sturdy your backs for some crowdsurfing-support!

Here’s the rules:
If you have a SuperPass, you’re in. With a $5 cash entry.
If you have a single ticket to a live Melbourne podcast from this year, you’re next in line, after the SuperPasses go in. It’s $10 for you.
If you have neither, you’re out.

Sunday, April 21, 11pm
European Bier Cafe,
120 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.