October 24, 2017

Episode 368 – Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds


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The boys from THE DOLLOP are back in the country and this time, we don’t even need to fly to Sydney to do an episode with them! DAVE ANTHONY & GARETH REYNOLDS join us to discuss Tommy’s video games podcast, us rebranding our show, Outback Steakhouse and we hear the second chapter in the Karl’s Pyjamas Saga. PLUS: stick around at the end of the episode for a HUGE announcement!

Click HERE to download the MP3

Don’t forget, we have a bunch of huge live shows coming up:

PERTH: We’re heading over for our annual huge Dum Dum event. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19. Tickets here.

CANBERRA: We’re doing it again. A huge live show in your city. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25. Tickets here.

MARYBOROUGH: Is this the worst idea ever? Let’s find out! We’re doing a live show in Karl’s hometown. Tickets here.

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