March 28, 2018

Episode 390 – Live! Mel Buttle, Guy Montgomery & Nick Carr


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We’re back in our favourite condemned cinema in Brisbane and we’re joined by MEL BUTTLE, GUY MONTGOMERY & NICK CARR! Guy gives us the inside word on doing open mics in New York, Mel fields some questions about her super hot girlfriend and Nick Carr goes into training for this year’s Koh Samui International Podcast Festival. PLUS we do it in the dark for a bit and get chased off stage!

This episode is brought to you by Anne Edmonds and her shows ‘No Offense, None Taken’ and ‘Helen Bidou: Enter The Spinnaker Lounge’ at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Head to for more info and tickets!

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Don’t forget, we have a bunch of huge live shows coming up:

MELBOURNE: We’ve got a month of awesome live shows happening for the month of April. Tickets here. 

KOH SAMUI: The Koh Samui International Podcast Festival is happening again in 2018 with guests The Dollop! More info here.