April 4, 2018

Episode 391 – Live! Stephen K Amos, Randy & Adam Knox


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They’ve done it again! The people of Adelaide turned up at the last minute to catch the first of our awesome live episodes with STEPHEN K AMOS, RANDY and ADAM KNOX. Things get weird with a young man in the front row, we pitch ourselves as candidates for premier of South Australia, Knox’s fly is undone and Rad Dad gets the check!

This episode is brought to you by Dave Thornton and his show ‘So What Now?’ at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Head to comedy.com.au for more info and tickets!

Click HERE to download the MP3 

Don’t forget, we have a bunch of huge live shows coming up:

MELBOURNE: We’ve got a month of awesome live shows happening for the month of April. Tickets here. 

KOH SAMUI: The Koh Samui International Podcast Festival is happening again in 2018 with guests The Dollop! More info here.