February 26, 2019

Episode 438 – Dave O’Neil & Georgie Carroll


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Tags: dave o'neil georgie carroll

This week it’s the return of DAVE O’NEIL and the “studio” debut of GEORGIE CARROLL! We talk about knocking back gigs, Dave’s lost some weight, Karl’s been to the gym PLUS we have an incredible new Patreon sponsor and potential new job for Tommy! ALSO some live show announcements and more brainstorming for our new beer brand in Talking Dum Dum!

Click HERE to download the MP3.

Don’t forget, we have a heap of live shows coming up:

BRISBANE! You guys are awesome so we’re coming back. March 17, 4pm. Tickets here.

CANBERRA! We’re back for one night only. March 23, 5pm. Tickets here. 

MELBOURNE! We’re doing another month of huge shows at the Comedy Festival. Saturday March 30, April 6, April 13 & April 20, 4:30pm. Tickets here.

We’re also doing an extra show: Late Night Dum Dum. Friday April 5, 11:55pm. Tickets here.

LONDON! Third and final show is now on sale! Saturday May 4, 3:15pm.

KOH SAMUI! Come join us for a huge week of shows at an amazing resort. June 11 – 16. Details here.