They're doing it again! MASSIVE NEWS: The Koh Samui International Podcast Festival is BACK for 2024. Due to the overwhelming success of Karlchella™ in 2022/23, South East Asia's biggest podcast festival returns after 5 long years! It's your big chance to either: go back again, or, finally go for the first time after hearing the tales! All-new guests, all-new location! Live podcasts, live entertainment, parties, plus more! June 9-14!


Co-host Tommy Dassalo:

"We're really excited to bring the festival back to all of the Thailand fans of the show. They've both said they MIGHT go."

Co-host Karl Chandler:

"Hm ok, I guess I'll do it. But only if Tommy insists."


Much more details to come, but EARLY BIRD accommodation/ticket package is below!

The Little Dum Dum Club will be returning to Koh Samui as special guests of the Koh Samui International Podcast festival. There'll be live podcasts, standup shows and surprise extra weird shit, over four or five days or whatever! Plus an awesome chance to hang out with like-minded souls, and an opportunity to try not to annoy the podcast hosts too much! Awesome!