The Little Dum Dum Club

[with Tommy Dassalo & Karl Chandler]

Mel Buttle, Nick Cody & Mike Goldstein


Live! Mel Buttle, Nick Cody & Mike Goldstein

It's our first ever podcast on the Gold Coast! We're hot off a relaxing stint at the Couran Cove Resort (Tommy's prize for raising money for the Children's Cancer Institute) with MEL BUTTLE, NICK CODY and MIKE GOLDSTEIN! We talk through Karl's unconventional efforts of sneaking booze into the resort, Mel's schoolies experience plus her dating history with a famous Friend Of The Show, PLUS we dive into Nick Carr's evening with us at Couran Cove.


HOBART! We're heading down for the first time for a live show in a small venue. November 23, 5pm.

We've also added a stand-up show in the same venue at 3pm.

MELBOURNE! Our 500th episode is on sale. It's going to be massive. April 25, 2020. 8:30pm.

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